designed and crafted

on catawba island

41.572° // -82.828°



made (products) by soaking, boiling, and fermenting (ideas).


of, relating to, or characteristic of people or human beings.


humanbrewed is a father + son collaboration.

lee is an architect.

logan is a product designer.

together we design and craft products rooted in quality construction and simplicity. we create products made by and for people, we believe this makes them human.

our designs are humanbrewed.

logan holds a degree in industrial design from arizona state university.

he spent six years working in technology for apple and square before saying goodbye to san francisco and hello to catawba island. roadtrip photos can be seen here.

he’s still trying to teach lee something he doesn’t know.

he believes good design is tangible, honest, and has a story within.

lee holds a degree in architecture from kent state university.

he has owned and operated his own design firm for over 25 years.

he taught logan to read blueprints when he was four.

he believes in functionally refined designs, without embellishment.